Social media being used to rob your home

You may enjoy posting your exact location at any given moment, sharing them with friends, family, and the cloud.  What you are doing, where you live or where you work, among others, but one thing you should keep in mind is that this could be seen by everyone, including the people who may be plotting to rob your entire home.
Recent studies show that most burglars these days are depending on social media to find their next targets. In particular, Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook and Google Street View are the most preferred tools by thieves in carrying out their modus.
Some of the former thieves said that an average break-in just takes around ten minutes to accomplish, and only two minutes to enter a household which has no visible security. So if you are planning to brag about your two weeks out-of-town getaway to the Bahamas or to the Caribbean on social networking sites, think again.
To keep yourself and your house from being targeted by these burglars, make sure that your privacy settings are not out there for public consumption.

Telephone Script

"I deem it privilege to have undergone this project. I acknowledge that the practical training that I got from this cannot be gained otherwise. I found my project very interesting and challenging".

This was a benefited research work carried by me, student of Darwin School of Business. Guwahati.

This was best hours I enjoyed a lot during my Training. I'm just sharing you this telephonic script. I sincerely hoping that you would like it. 
Here it's !!
My Cabin /Riyaj Shah

Hello Madam/Sir,

I am Md. Riyaj Shah from Bharti AXA. I want your few minute to speak.

Sir, Bharti AXA is going to expend the Business by recruiting quality people and offering them the potential of a very rewarding career opportunity.

We have acquired your business card and we are aware of the company you work for and you are one of the selective person with whom our company want to concern.

So I would like to meet you for coffee to explain the exciting and rewarding opportunity. It may have for you in terms of career compensation and support.

(Excellent I look forward to meeting you please May I have your address and I will confirm our meeting in writing)

(According to your convenience will you please tell me when and where we can meet?)

Thank You Sir/Madam.

I hope to see you on Facebook.

A Letter To Aneasha ( Anchor) !

High Esteem Mem,

At the very outset I would like to say that your entire presentation was superb and very interactive and effective. I must say you are an expert orator that you posses good public speaking skills.

Your presentation, your vocal inflections, your perfectly time pauses, your facial expression and your gestures. All these are part of an expert delivery that you are possessed. I have come across many orator or spokeswomen but you are slightly different from them. You have a unique quality which is very good. I like it the way you communicate and how you convey your ideas clearly, interestingly and without distracting the audience (students). 

Speaking honestly, I have learned many new constructive lessons and good guidelines from your entire two days presentation programs which will be very helpful in my career development .Mem, I have a barrier, but I guess you could help me to get rid out of this, that is “SHYNESS”. I get stuck in the way of my career development only by this matter. 

Hopefully, I am expecting some solutions from your high esteem to break up this barrier ever and forever. I would also be thankful ever if you allow me to qualitative interaction through E-mail regarding career development. 

I await your response soon. 

Thanking you.

Cordially Yours,
Md. Riyaj Shah

Mobile: +91 9085672417

Put Your Best Foot Forward

In life, if you “put your best foot forward” it means that you let other people see your best qualities first.
Different people are good at different things.  Some people are really smart but shy.  Some people are great at speaking in front of a large crowd but they are really bad at math.  Everyone has both strong and weak points.
It’s a good idea to always try to “put your best foot forward” when you meet someone new, do a job interview, or really do anything in your life.  The whole point is that you want people to first notice your strong points before anything else.  I think most languages and cultures share a similar idea and concept, but this is how to say it in English and this phrase is used quite often.
A Thoughtful Day
I hope that I can help you get your spoken English to an amazing level.  Then you can use that to your advantage in life.  It can become your new “best foot”. 
One last thing is that “putting your best foot forward” is not showing off or bragging.  It’s not a bad thing at all.  It just means that you are politely showing your strong points first.  I hope that makes sense and you can add that phrase to your English vocabulary.  Start using that phrase and don’t forget to always put your best foot forward!

Some facts about Manipur

Manipur is a state in northeastern India making its capital in the city of Imphal.

The game polo originated in Manipur. British soldiers and planters took it back to England, modified the rules and made it popular around the world. 

- Rosa macrocarpa, the beautiful species of rose, was discovered by Sir George Watt in Manipur in 1888. 

- Lord Irwin described Manipur as the "Switzerland of India". 

- Pt.Jawahar Lal Nehru described Manipur as the "Land of Jewels".

- Sarit Sarak, a relatively unknown and unique Martial Art, comes from Manipur. 

- Manipur is famous for its classical and folk dances, including the graceful and soft Ras Lila, the acrobatic Pung cholom among others and the dance during the festival of god Laiharaoba known as maibi dance 

- Kaibul Lamjao National Park in Loktak lake is the natural habitat of the rare and endangered Brow antlered Deer (Cervus eldi eldi). Locally known as Sangai, it is one of three species of Elds deer in the world confined to South east Asia. 

- The Siroi Lily (Lilium Macklinae Sealy) is a beautiful lily found only in the upper reaches of the Siroi Hills in Manipur's Ukhrul District. 

- The Indian National Army (INA), led by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, planted the Tricolour at Moirang, Manipur which is the second town liberated by the INA, the first place being Andaman and Nicobar islands. 

- Manipur has 3 representatives in the Indian Union: 2 in the Lok Sabha (Lower House) and 1 in the Rajya Sabha (Upper House). 
The Siroy Lily ( ilium Maclinae Saely)
The Shiroy Lily 
It is grown at the peak of the Shiroy Kashang Mountain at a height of 8400 feet above sea level situated in Ikhrul district of Manipur. The Shiroy Lily belongs to Lilium family, but unique in character. By using a microscopic lens, seven colours which claimed its superiority to other lilies in the world can be seen light pink in color. The height of the plant varies from 2 ft. to 31/2ft. depending on the soils fertility Shiroy Lily is not grown anywhere in the world accept Shiroy Kanhong of Manipur. It is said that Priincess Chitrangoda of Manipur had own the heart of Arjuna in her first meeting by offering a Shiroy Lily. Arjuna was so impressed with the beauty and fragrance of the flower that he at once lost himself on her. This Shiroy Lily starts blooming during the months of May-June every year on the laden mineral mountain of the Shiroy. It was discovered first by a British naturalists Mr. Kingdom ward, who gave it the Botanical name Lilium Mackleanae and won him the show in London in the 1948.

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