Put Your Best Foot Forward

In life, if you “put your best foot forward” it means that you let other people see your best qualities first.
Different people are good at different things.  Some people are really smart but shy.  Some people are great at speaking in front of a large crowd but they are really bad at math.  Everyone has both strong and weak points.
It’s a good idea to always try to “put your best foot forward” when you meet someone new, do a job interview, or really do anything in your life.  The whole point is that you want people to first notice your strong points before anything else.  I think most languages and cultures share a similar idea and concept, but this is how to say it in English and this phrase is used quite often.
A Thoughtful Day
I hope that I can help you get your spoken English to an amazing level.  Then you can use that to your advantage in life.  It can become your new “best foot”. 
One last thing is that “putting your best foot forward” is not showing off or bragging.  It’s not a bad thing at all.  It just means that you are politely showing your strong points first.  I hope that makes sense and you can add that phrase to your English vocabulary.  Start using that phrase and don’t forget to always put your best foot forward!

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