A Letter To Aneasha ( Anchor) !

High Esteem Mem,

At the very outset I would like to say that your entire presentation was superb and very interactive and effective. I must say you are an expert orator that you posses good public speaking skills.

Your presentation, your vocal inflections, your perfectly time pauses, your facial expression and your gestures. All these are part of an expert delivery that you are possessed. I have come across many orator or spokeswomen but you are slightly different from them. You have a unique quality which is very good. I like it the way you communicate and how you convey your ideas clearly, interestingly and without distracting the audience (students). 

Speaking honestly, I have learned many new constructive lessons and good guidelines from your entire two days presentation programs which will be very helpful in my career development .Mem, I have a barrier, but I guess you could help me to get rid out of this, that is “SHYNESS”. I get stuck in the way of my career development only by this matter. 

Hopefully, I am expecting some solutions from your high esteem to break up this barrier ever and forever. I would also be thankful ever if you allow me to qualitative interaction through E-mail regarding career development. 

I await your response soon. 

Thanking you.

Cordially Yours,
Md. Riyaj Shah

Mobile: +91 9085672417
Email: riyajshahmba@gmail.com

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