About Riyaj

I am Md Riyaj Shah, alias Boboi or Riya or Raja; from Kwakta Khuman, Manipur.  

Other than being a nerdy--geek in general, I’m commonly perceived as a somewhat interesting
person. If I am or not is, of course, up to you.

Generally acknowledged for my odd thinking and strange ways of going about things, I find
that I’m an all too average person but many seem to think otherwise. Like any good IT school
students I love to Use Internet and all things relevant to the IT-world, as well as the inane
details of it. My love for IT also extends to the modern world, making me absolutely cake for
Video Games.

Lucky for you and the rest of the mass, I’m a sensible open person who likes to critically
analyze and understand before judging, and actually have a life [somewhat] outside of my
internet/gaming addiction. Unlike the other otaku, I know when it’s okay and not okay to have
the awesome world of fantasy in my life.

So don’t be afraid! Come chat with me! I’m more the flexible, funny person than you think.
Below are means to contact me.

Gmail: riyajshahmba@gmail.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/riyajshah
Mobile: + 91 9085672417

Will update My Profile Summary  detail shortly ..... 

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