Distance Learning Programs- Points to be checked!

The distance learning program has been a growing phenomenon in the present scenario. The growth in the area of Computers and the Internet has created new mode of study that is online courses. While earlier also, there existed the distance learning programs but only the medium of study has changed. Earlier it being restricted paper and pencil learning, but now being the online programs. Even though the medium of study has changed there is no decrease in the number of distance learning courses.

Perception among the Employers!

Even though the trend of distance learning programs have been increasing day by day a prominent factor need to be determined. There is a growing perception among the employers of different organizations regarding the method in which the course is done by the candidates. There is a general perception among the employers that the candidates who have taken their degree through distance programs are those who are less efficient in the area of studies. Hence many of the institutes are reluctant to offer jobs for these graduates in their respective organizations. Often while a position is vacant in an organization regarding, it may be sometimes mentioned in the notification that the graduation or the post graduation should be done as a full time course and preference will be given to these programs.

The candidates should try to find out the relative perceptions about the employers regarding the distance learning courses. After all if the course is not respected by the employers there is no meaning in pursuing that course. The candidates should take time to enquire among the students who have undergone similar programs about the advantages regarding the distance programs. Their experiences while going for the different jobs should be clearly verified and decisions should be taken accordingly. Hence the relative benefits of the distance programs in specific situations should be reviewed.

Hence all these important information’s should be collected before joining the classes. Otherwise there is no pint in attending such programs. Generally the exam date will be directly communicated to the students. The course will be valued only if it is conducted by the University rather than the coaching institute or college. Hence only those types of degrees should only be obtained by the students which are accredited to certain universities. Fee structure is also important in any courses. Candidates should ensure whether the fee structure will be according to his/her budget and also according to the value of the course that is offered. Thus, distance learning programs are simple and convenient methods of acquiring the academic qualifications from institutes which are recognized. This is a program which ensures flexibility both in areas of time and level of studies.

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Is Advertisement the right choice for you?

This is the major decision that one needs to take before adopting as a career option. This is not only related to advertisement but also to any other career in general. It’s the individual confidence in a particular career which brings them success in that area. As far as the career options in advertisement are concerned they are in plenty.  The advertisement includes novel ideas which will help in arousing demands regarding a particular product or service in the minds of the consumers. The individual decision to pursue a career in advertisement means they should be fairly good in it. It should be analyzed whether a career in advertisement will be bringing some good opportunities for you. The individuals must possess the professional skills and capability to go along with this career with advertisement.

Career in advertisement is fun!

No doubt that advertising is a glamorous field. This is the only career which provides an opportunity to put in your ideas finally. The novel ideas which will help in a product endorsement are very significant and fetch in high reputation. Hence advertising career is not only fun filled but only attractive for attaining stardom in the industry and society.

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Why a B school?

The Indian Economy is on the verge of continuous development in almost all the sectors. The number f B-Schools that are popping up in the country is large in number. The general scenario being that the number of students who undertake various courses related to the management has been increasing. B-schools are comfortably adopting themselves to the changing curriculum and work environment also. All efforts are being done from the part of these institutions to make their students employable after finishing in their studies. As a part of that initiative candidates are normally equipped with all the necessary skill sets which are needed for a particular job and which in turn will enable them to get in to an organization with high repute.  
When we observe in general the number of institutions which offer in management education is in large number. It’s equally important to analyze these institutes from close side and if at all selecting certain B- schools, it should be made on certain criteria’s. These criteria’s may be differing from individual to another.
 Apart from that there may be general criteria’s on the basis of which an institute can be selected.

The most important question which arises here is that – From the numerous B-schools which offer in various courses, how many of them impart quality education to the students who opt such courses? When we observe, its evident that there may be institutes which has showing its presence for so long in the country- such can be trusted on the grounds that they may have adequate experience in this field and the students or people have considerable amount of trust in them. Apart from that there may be several other institutes which have just joined the race of imparting managerial education. In such a situation it becomes extremely difficult for a student to analyze all the factors and make a good choice regarding the selection of B-schools.

How good are you in selection?

This is a major step in an individual’s career. The decision made at this point may or can influence the 
overall growth of his /her career. The career will only reach significant heights only when the candidate makes smart selection in this regard. It’s a general observation that the number of candidates who enter in to B- schools for various courses may have previous work experiences which may be short or long period. The top B-schools are very keen in considering the candidates having work experience in a particular domain.

The students should understand that what makes a good decision regarding the B-school selection. It’s always the reputation and name of the institute that gains importance rather than the type of course pursued by an individual. For example, there is MBA as well PGDM which is offered by many institutes. One degree is not superior to another. Many students have a misconception that since PGDM is a diploma its value is lesser than that of MBA. But the fact is that many reputed B-schools such as the IIMs etc provide mainly the Diploma. All the companies look upon the value of the course in terms of the institute as well as the potential of the students at the time of recruitment.

B-Schools – Which to apply?

The students are always confused regarding the question to which B-school one need to apply. This is a tough decision as it needs good amount of research. The students should keep in mind several criteria’s before making the final decision regarding this matter.

Placement Records

Most of the B-schools boasts of high or full percentage of placement records for it students. The number of management institutions that are coming up in the country is large. The different offers that these institutes give out should not be considered initially, in-depth analysis regarding this issue should be done. The B-schools may always exaggerate the true picture of the placement process in their institutes. An important factor being the number of offers on an average that each student gets. From this parameter it self the B-school placement nature can be judged.

Quality that matters

The quality can be in all areas – faculty, students, facilities etc. The institute should have a perfect mix of faculties who may be employed as part time and full time basis also. The faculties should help the students in assessing their weak points and correct them. A continuous monitoring of their performance should be done. The quality of the faculty can also be analyzed from the previous and current student community of
the particular institute.

They may provide a true and actual picture regarding this factor. The interaction with the students also helps in better learning prospective. A group of highly talented students may enhance the learning objectives. Some institutes have a rigorous selection process, which in a way helps to maintain the student quality. Infrastructural facilities such as computer lab, high-speed Internet facility, library and classrooms equipped with audio-visual techniques for teaching.  All these facilities in general determine the class of the institute.

Image – Dominates

The image of a B-school does not require any special focus as it is a predominant factor which cannot be ignored. Institutes such as IIMs etc need have reputation on certain grounds which were existent long back in the country. Any new institute which has been set up will certainly take time to scale up in this industry in terms of all the general requirements. It always takes in help from the older institutes in creating a separate space for them.
When a new IIM is set up, students already have a trust in such an institute because of the quality of education with regard to IIMs in general. The brand name benefits can be taken in to account which makes more students inclined towards that.
While in the process of analyzing the various factors, every factor has a positive as well as negative aspect which has to be kept in mind. The students need to prioritize their needs and accordingly consider the factors. The most important factor which may affect a candidate should be given importance and decision should be made accordingly. Ultimately amidst of all these factors it’s the skill and talent/caliber of the candidates which matter.

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Choosing a proper career option is not an easy task. There are several factors which you need to consider when you choose a career for yourself. The first and foremost question that you must answer is whether you would obtain proper job satisfaction by choosing the stream. The job or career path that you choose should provide you with sufficient scope to develop and grow. Frankly speaking it should have a well pay. It is always better to opt for a career stream which offers a lot of added benefits in terms of work quality and exposure. Before looking for these qualities in a job stream, it is also essential to make sure about your credentials. Your choice should be something suited to your skill sets. You should spend some time reflecting on your talents and personality before you decide for a stream for yourself. Be sure about all your strengths and weaknesses and then begin with the process of resume preparation. 

This article discusses some guidelines that need to be kept in mind when career options are considered. Make a list of the activities that you enjoy the most. You may enjoy reading books and magazines a lot. If those catchy magazines and news papers attract you a lot, then you are better fit for something like an editor or a book publisher. The task of an editor is never that easy. It has a lot of challenges and make sure you are trained enough for that purpose.

Are you one of those who enjoy using electronic gadgets? 
Does the mechanism of working of these gadgets deeply interest you? 
Do you develop a curiosity in you every time you see sophisticated machines? 

If your answer is yes, then nothing can be better for you, than a job of an engineer. Engineering in itself is a very vast stream; it is not simply restricted to web technologies or software industry. This field has a lot to offer in other aspects like mechanical engineering, civil engineering etc. There is lot of scope and large number of companies that can satisfy your urge to know things. You may even chose for some better career options like research oriented activities. 

If you are one those having a lot of sympathy for the sick and old, if you feel an inner urge to relief the ailing people from their diseases then it is better for you to chose the field of medicine. This field is very vast in itself. It comprises of various kinds of specialists and technicians. You can opt for being a surgeon or a medicine specialist. You may even prefer being an ultrasound expert technician. This field will allow you to do some good work for the mankind. You will get a lot of opportunity to serve people and cure them from illness. By being an expert in diagnosis you will prevent the spread of several infectious diseases by detecting them early and within time. You may even develop better cures and treatments by proper research. Thus you have a lot of options to choose from.

Statement of Purpose & Application Essays

Your previous academic background and scores in the standardised tests ( GRE / SAT) show what you are capable of delivering. The admissions committee also wants to know what are the   motivations that are driving your life at this point in time. Why do you want to pursue the course you are applying for?
How relevant is the course to your long term goals?
Since you will not go through an interview, the admissions committee gets to know about you as a person through your SOP.  SOP is very important. Spend time to get it right.
Presentation on Purpose of SOP
How can you get it right? - by being honest about yourself and projecting your true self in the SOP.

What should you do to write a good SOP?

Think about yourself and do the following exercise:
  • Write down all your past accomplishments - academic, extra curricular, social contributions, sports - whatever you've done well in life. Also write down all the things that you feel or care for strongly.
  • What is it that you want to do in life? What is the career you want to choose for yourself in the future and why?
  • Write down the area that you want to study further in. How will taking up this course of study help you achieve your long term career goals that you described above?
  • Now, write down why should you have the life that you want? Why should you get all the things you listed above? What qualifies you to have all the success you desire?
There's another thing you got to do, use the internet or the university prospectus to study about the university you are applying to and the course you want to study. Then, You MUST mention in your SOP as to why you chose the university you are applying to.
Now, you've got the contents of your SOP in place. 
The next step is to write it in the form of an essay. 
Make sure your SOP is grammatically correct, is written in a good flow and does not exceed the prescribed word limit. The SOP should be enthusiastic, friendly and confident in tone. If writing is not your strength, don't hesitate to take the help of a friend or colleague who can write well.

We have listed here some sample application essays and statement or purpose of successful candidates. The essays are just for your reference. Please do not copy or use them.

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How Far Off Are You From Achieving Your Dreams?

I’d like to share a story that I heard from Tony Robbins, and I heard someone at my toastmasters group sharing it with the group the other night, and thought it would be a great story to share with you.
I’ve changed the story a little, but the message is exactly the same.

The Golf swing

Whilst out with a group of friends, Sharon, took up the challenge of learning the game of golf.  She’d always wanted to play, but never really had the gaul to go out and join a club.
One of her friends was a member of the local club and invited her for a round of golf, and Sharon was delighted to accept.  That was it! Sharon was hooked and duly joined the club and got right into the game of golf.
A few months later she was still playing, but just couldn’t get the ball to go straight down the fairway, no matter what stance she used or how much she changed her swing, the ball would always go 50 ft to the left, or 50 ft to the right, it just wasn’t happening for her.
Being a bit of a perfectionist she was ready to give up the game of golf.
Whilst playing one day, one of the clubs golf coaches happened to see her playing, and noticed her frustration at not being able to hit the ball straight.  He spoke to her about this.  She advised she was so far off being able to hit the ball straight that she was ready for giving up.  The golf coach advised ;
‘You’re only 2 millimetres away from hitting the ball perfectly.’
‘2 Millimetres! that’s impossible!  How can I be 2 millimetres when the ball is going left or right 50 ft?’
He advised all it took was a slight adjustment to her swing, which would enable her to hit the ball right in the middle, whereas right now she was 2 mm to the left or right of centre.
It only took a very slight adjustment for Sharon to reach her goal of being able to hit the ball straight down the fairway.

How many millimetres are you away from reaching your dreams in life?

Sometimes all it takes is a slight adjustment to see a big change, and sometimes we are much closer to reaching our dreams than we think and all it takes is that slight adjustment.
So, I want to ask you again:
How many millimetres are you away from reaching your dreams in life?