The problem with plastic bags !!!!!

Did you know?                                                              

• Plastic bags can be returned
to your supermarket for
recycling but only 3% are
currently recycled1.

• So called ‘biodegradable’
bags actually cause greater
widespread pollution than
regular plastic bags1.

• Australians currently use 4
billion plastic bags annually,
which means over 10 million
new bags are used every
day, or that we each use 200
each year2.

• The energy consumed in the
life cycle of one plastic bag is
estimated to be equivalent to
13.8 millilitres of crude oil, or
about a teaspoonful6.

• Australians throw away
about 7,150 recyclable
plastic bags a minute, with
429.000 recyclable plastic
supermarket bags dumped
into landfill every hour5.

• Plastic bags can become
serial killers. Once a bag is
ingested, the animal dies and
decomposes, releasing the
bag back into the
environment to kill again4.