Distance Learning Programs- Points to be checked!

The distance learning program has been a growing phenomenon in the present scenario. The growth in the area of Computers and the Internet has created new mode of study that is online courses. While earlier also, there existed the distance learning programs but only the medium of study has changed. Earlier it being restricted paper and pencil learning, but now being the online programs. Even though the medium of study has changed there is no decrease in the number of distance learning courses.

Perception among the Employers!

Even though the trend of distance learning programs have been increasing day by day a prominent factor need to be determined. There is a growing perception among the employers of different organizations regarding the method in which the course is done by the candidates. There is a general perception among the employers that the candidates who have taken their degree through distance programs are those who are less efficient in the area of studies. Hence many of the institutes are reluctant to offer jobs for these graduates in their respective organizations. Often while a position is vacant in an organization regarding, it may be sometimes mentioned in the notification that the graduation or the post graduation should be done as a full time course and preference will be given to these programs.

The candidates should try to find out the relative perceptions about the employers regarding the distance learning courses. After all if the course is not respected by the employers there is no meaning in pursuing that course. The candidates should take time to enquire among the students who have undergone similar programs about the advantages regarding the distance programs. Their experiences while going for the different jobs should be clearly verified and decisions should be taken accordingly. Hence the relative benefits of the distance programs in specific situations should be reviewed.

Hence all these important information’s should be collected before joining the classes. Otherwise there is no pint in attending such programs. Generally the exam date will be directly communicated to the students. The course will be valued only if it is conducted by the University rather than the coaching institute or college. Hence only those types of degrees should only be obtained by the students which are accredited to certain universities. Fee structure is also important in any courses. Candidates should ensure whether the fee structure will be according to his/her budget and also according to the value of the course that is offered. Thus, distance learning programs are simple and convenient methods of acquiring the academic qualifications from institutes which are recognized. This is a program which ensures flexibility both in areas of time and level of studies.

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