Statement of Purpose & Application Essays

Your previous academic background and scores in the standardised tests ( GRE / SAT) show what you are capable of delivering. The admissions committee also wants to know what are the   motivations that are driving your life at this point in time. Why do you want to pursue the course you are applying for?
How relevant is the course to your long term goals?
Since you will not go through an interview, the admissions committee gets to know about you as a person through your SOP.  SOP is very important. Spend time to get it right.
Presentation on Purpose of SOP
How can you get it right? - by being honest about yourself and projecting your true self in the SOP.

What should you do to write a good SOP?

Think about yourself and do the following exercise:
  • Write down all your past accomplishments - academic, extra curricular, social contributions, sports - whatever you've done well in life. Also write down all the things that you feel or care for strongly.
  • What is it that you want to do in life? What is the career you want to choose for yourself in the future and why?
  • Write down the area that you want to study further in. How will taking up this course of study help you achieve your long term career goals that you described above?
  • Now, write down why should you have the life that you want? Why should you get all the things you listed above? What qualifies you to have all the success you desire?
There's another thing you got to do, use the internet or the university prospectus to study about the university you are applying to and the course you want to study. Then, You MUST mention in your SOP as to why you chose the university you are applying to.
Now, you've got the contents of your SOP in place. 
The next step is to write it in the form of an essay. 
Make sure your SOP is grammatically correct, is written in a good flow and does not exceed the prescribed word limit. The SOP should be enthusiastic, friendly and confident in tone. If writing is not your strength, don't hesitate to take the help of a friend or colleague who can write well.

We have listed here some sample application essays and statement or purpose of successful candidates. The essays are just for your reference. Please do not copy or use them.

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