Telephone Script

"I deem it privilege to have undergone this project. I acknowledge that the practical training that I got from this cannot be gained otherwise. I found my project very interesting and challenging".

This was a benefited research work carried by me, student of Darwin School of Business. Guwahati.

This was best hours I enjoyed a lot during my Training. I'm just sharing you this telephonic script. I sincerely hoping that you would like it. 
Here it's !!
My Cabin /Riyaj Shah

Hello Madam/Sir,

I am Md. Riyaj Shah from Bharti AXA. I want your few minute to speak.

Sir, Bharti AXA is going to expend the Business by recruiting quality people and offering them the potential of a very rewarding career opportunity.

We have acquired your business card and we are aware of the company you work for and you are one of the selective person with whom our company want to concern.

So I would like to meet you for coffee to explain the exciting and rewarding opportunity. It may have for you in terms of career compensation and support.

(Excellent I look forward to meeting you please May I have your address and I will confirm our meeting in writing)

(According to your convenience will you please tell me when and where we can meet?)

Thank You Sir/Madam.

I hope to see you on Facebook.

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