You are going to fail in life!

"I don't wait for moods. You accomplish nothing if you do that. Your mind must know it has to get down to work." 

You are going to fall down in life, you're going
to fail big time, many times!
what do you do when you fall?
Passion for life
Discover your passion
Riyaj was inspired by Steven Aitchison (UK)
You pick yourself up again.
What do you do when you fall again?
You pick yourself right back.
It's going to happen 1000 times in your life, and 
each time you pick yourself back, you learn from
the fall.
Life is shit sometimes, and that feeling when you
fall can last a long time, but you know what...
It always, always gets better, because life is wonderful.
It's the wonderful moments that last a lifetime,
It's the wonderful moments that can keep you going when
life gets tough,
It's the wonderful moments that will get you through the
pain that we endure in life.
But, you have to get back up to experience the 
wonderful moments.
Don't stay down when you fall, I promise you, 100%
guarantee you, that it will get better.
You have a million wonderful moments left
in your life Riyaj, so stand up, stand tall and shout
Have an amazing day !!

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