Some More Useful English Tips


 I was watching TV today and I noticed a common phrase that I guess you didn't learn in school.  I wrote it down because I wanted to remember to teach it to you.  I think it's really useful.  So many schools teach old stuff but I really want to teach the popular kind of English that you can actually use with native English speakers.  Here it is below:   

Sleep on it:

In spoken English, if someone tells their friend to, "sleep on it", it means that they should really think carefully before making a decision.  This is used when someone has a big and important decision in life to make.  The idea is that you should go to sleep and make a final decision the next day so you don't make an emotional decision.

Here is an example of how to use this:

Rina:  I'm thinking about buying a new Ipad but it's kind of expensive and I'm not really sure if I really need it or not.  Do you think I should get one?

Riyaj:  I think you should sleep on it.  If you still want one tomorrow morning then just buy it.  

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