In term of your job, you must know what is your Career Goal or Your Objective in life.
Then, what are the steps involved in a goal- setting exercise?

 Let’s discuss

1.      Analyze and understand your own SWOT. SWOT means your Strengths and Weakness, and knowledge about the Opportunity and Threats of a job market.

2.      Set a realistic objective in life, for e.g. you may desire to become an entrepreneur in the next 10 years from now.

3.      Determine the milestones you have to cross to achieve this objective.

4.      Set goals as per the milestones to be crossed.

5.      Goals setting should be followed by adequate planning and preparation. This is the final step to realize one’s goals.

Before setting our goals, you must know what to ask yourself. You must know your strengths in particular and weakness in general. This is very important otherwise you cannot emerge as a leader. To find those characteristic, you must question us on the following lines:

1.      Do you wish to be comfortable or well-known and admire in life.
2.      What is your attitude towards work?
3.      Do you have reservation or hesitation? Are you prepared to put in consistent and hard work?
4.      Are you good at leadership? Can you inspire people and gets job done?
5.      Are you a risk taker or do you fear to take risks?
6.      Do you plan before you act or do you mostly act impulsively in reaction to happening?
7.      How fast can you accept a change in a situation?
8.      How creative you are? How good you are in it?
9.      How good are you in communication skills?
10.  How disciplined are you?
11.  How do you look at your future? Are you optimistic and enthusiastic about your career and future? Do you set realistic goals?

I am 100% sure if anybody does so, you can reach a destination. To reach a destination you must know where the destination is. Otherwise, you won’t get any direction!
Make weaknesses your strengths. I know you can do it.

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