10 Probable reasons for why Manipur State can never develop

Some probable reasons for why Manipur State can never develop are as follows:

1. Manipur has been denying fair share of projects and industries during the 60 years of planned economic development.
2. The State had failed to cope with the Central funding level and earlier, funds used to come for specific programs over the State had no control.
3. The State has failed to attract investors and hence, failed to achieve higher growth.
4. In Manipur, there exists a tension between the states and the relatively distant central govt.
5. The state has been suffered due to lack of infrastructure and deteriorating central govt. grants.
6. Again, tension exists between the tribal (castes) who are natives of the State.
7. There is no transparency in the govt. affairs.
8. Education System prevails in the North east states is obsolete.
9. Exploitation incapability of natural resources.
10. Attitude of Bandh culture is a key weapon in the Manipur.

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